Driving Customers to Your Art and Craft Website With Pinterest!

Driving Customers to Your Art and Craft Website With Pinterest!

How can Pinterest be an artist’s best friend?

Pinterest, as you may already know, is the massively popular image sharing site where millions of “pins” (or images) are posted each day and spread virally around the web. People love Pinterest (especially women) and users stay on the site for much longer periods than Facebook. That’s because it’s fun! There are literally hundreds of cool pictures on a page that you can share by ‘re-pinning’ to your own boards that you create. That way, you can collect all of your favorite pictures that you find on the web.

If you have an image-based website such as a food blog, fashion blog or art and craft site, Pinterest could be the ticket to big website traffic.People can pin images to their boards from anywhere on the web. This could mean pictures of your art and crafts! When users click on the images, it takes them directly to your website where they could buy prints, lessons or even supplies. Look at just one snapshop of a Pinterest search result for the term ‘watercolors’:

This could have been one of your pieces of art that someone could have pinned from your site to their board and shared with the friends. Many Pinterest users have thousands of friends just like on Facebook. Pinterest is also a very popular site with Google – it gets very high search results for keywords.

Food blogs and fashion blogs – where people can see the fruits of a website’s labors – are using this new social tool to bring in website traffic like never before. Just a simple click on the photo can take a user straight to the website where they can get recipes, services, make-up tips and more. Think about how this could help your art or craft website that may not be getting the traffic you had hoped.

Pinterest is easy to use and fun too. You’ll have a blast posting and sharing your art, no matter what kind of art it is, and seeing the results of more sales. It’s like free advertising and people all over the globe are helping spread the word of your art business. The keys to online marketing success have just been handed to you and it’s never been more powerful than now!