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Marketing For Artists: Make Your Art Blog Speak to New Artists

Before you can make your art blog speak to new artists there are guidelines that must be followed.

Why, for the simple reason that blogging for the new artist may seem quick and easy, it involves some consideration for the artist you are writing to.

To make your art blog speak to the people you want to talk to, classify your target market

As in any business, the first and most important consideration is to identify your target market or niche market. To make your art blog successful – identify the top 20% of your targeted artists which will surely bring the 80% of business sales you want to attract. For the sake of this post we are speaking to new watercolor artists.

To make your art blog speak, decide what you really have to say.

In setting up your new art blog as a business, you should immediately decide what you have to say and how you want to say it to the artists you’re writing to. You want to be sure that what you have to say is going to be read and that the people you write to learn something from what you write.You must publish quality content about subjects pertaining to your readers but also of things you personally know about. Be aware that if you put up less than your best content, you are in danger of throwing away your opportunity to draw artists to you.

Pinpoint where you want to make your art live

Each blog has a specific place to live on the internet. It’s important to know which services you want to use. You will need a domain name and a hosting account.

Select companies that give exceptional customer service and companies that you will have peace of mind in your dealings with them.There is nothing worse than getting your blog hacked or other bad things that cause you to lose time each day.

Now, it’s time to get your facts straight and start writing. Make your art blog unique, provide a boost of freshness by providing content you know your artist is looking to you for. Stick with the decision referenced above and this is the type of information that you will write.

Remember a successful artist blogger does not blog about how successful they are or why or how. But must focus on information that the new artists is interested in.

Be true to yourself, offer heartfelt, pleasant and accurate information with zeal and passion and you are sure to make more success in your business.

Blogging and Article Marketing are two of the first steps each new artist must take to get their work before their clients on the internet.

If I can help you find solutions about your blog or article marketing, please call me at 678-528-7099 or email, It’s my heart’s desire to guide you along this awesome path.

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