Unique floral fish bowl arrangements for any occasion.

In the world of floral arrangements there is a lot of variety in what can go into one. Not just for flowers, arrangements and bouquets have come to contain all sorts of things, such as edible goodies, balloons, and can even have no flowers at all. In this world of unique arrangements, enter the concept of ditching the vase entirely, and opting instead for a fish bowl. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can make stunningly beautiful arrangements and centrepieces. They are also a nice step away from the traditional vase.

Is there a lot of water used in the fish bowl?

A popular set-up for a fish bowl arrangement is to use some sort of colourful or earthy selection of rocks at the bottom to help keep stems in place during set-up. Some decorations do call for the bowl to be filled partially with water to keep the flowers alive longer, just like with a normal cut arrangement.  For time when the arrangement is intended for a single evening, water may be forgone all together, to create almost unreal looking displays with a lot of heartier selections that can withstand the lack of hydration longer.

If it is more of a “dry” arrangement, then they are usually replaced by special watering beads that look almost like glass beads and come in a wide selection of colours. This is a very popular method for arrangements because it eliminates the potential messiness of a regular vase set up and can be highly customized for a desired colour scheme. You can also add LED lights among the beads for a visually striking effect.

What sort of flowers can go into a fish bowl arrangement?

The concept behind using a fish bowl is not that much different as far as what can be displayed in it. In fact, the curving sides can lead to some very striking effects with the greenery that is normally not given much attention in a typical setting. Lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, pretty much just about any popular flower can be used in a beautiful fish bowl arrangement. From a single flower to an entire bouquet wreathed in layers around the inside, the amount of flowers it can hold depends on its size.

They also offer a very striking effect when used to create a floating centrepiece. Individual blooms, small vines and a mixture of elements can be suspended in water along with small floating candles to make unique and beautiful arrangements. Fully submerged flowers make popular arrangements due to the magnification effect of viewing them through the water. The trick can be used with real or silk flowers and while they do not last as long as regular arrangements, there are ways of keeping it fresh and vibrant with simple additives for the water. When done in a fish bowl the added advantage of having more space for additional effects like a floating candle can really make a difference in the wow factor of the piece.

Can fish actually be in the fish bowl as well?

While some florists do offer the entire package, typically you will want to either put the whole thing together yourself or have the plant portion set up by a florist and then add any desired fish to it. Betta fish are actually pretty popular for the living fish bowl arrangements. Still living peace lilies can be combined with Betta fish in beautiful arrangements that can last an incredible long time.

Outside of Betta fish, for temporary centrepiece displaces some people actually use goldfish to add beautiful colour to the floating floral arrangement. It is definitely a unique and fun idea, especially if you don’t want to keep the fish afterwards and lets some guests take them home as pets.

Fish bowl floral arrangements can be used for just about any occasion.

From wedding and event centrepieces to simply “just because” presents, fish bowl arrangements have the versatility to be used for just about anything. Both using a lot of water or water beads, the bowl shape offers a creative canvas for the florist to work with. They are not more difficult than a typical floral arrangement to upkeep, and in fact, ten to be a lot easier. One rather beautiful style of fish bowl arrangement uses water beads and a single beautiful bloom in the centre with complimentary greenery and lesser focal blooms to accent the main attraction. Another popular fish bowl style is to wreath the flowers around the inside in a lovely circle that makes them look like they are floating in the air through the glass.

Small or large, submerged, “dry”, or partially filled, fish bowl arrangements can be customized to any occasion. The endless versatility and open design make them perfect for use in home or business décor, as well as being that one gift that is as unique as the person receiving it.

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