How to Make Money with a Travel Blog

Do you have a passion for travel blogging? Better still, are you a travel blogger looking to make money off your skills? If yes, then you're in the right place. This article will help you navigate your way around travel blogging as a career. However, you must know that travel blogging requires work. Check out our tips on making money from travel blogs below.

Originality and expertise

Truth be told, you have to be passionate about travelling to make money from it. You have to be original and unique too. Similarly, your knowledge about travelling is quintessential. Your audience looks for knowledgeable insights – they won't listen to an amateur. For that reason, you need to work on yourself and provide relevant information, experiences and tips.

Streamlining your blog

Some bloggers forget about niche and audience. As a starter, you shouldn't. It is best to start your blog with a focus on an audience like my friend benoit from the blog That way, you can grow your reputation quickly. Besides, carving a travel niche for your blog will further show your audience that you're an expert.

For example, you can focus on family vacations. Then, you can build up a reputation across various social media platforms by targeting family groups/pages.

Content and SEO

Now, you have a unique travel blog idea and a niche – awesome! What about your travel content? Are your travel contents informational and engaging? It is awesome if you have those kinds of travel contents. But, are your contents reaching your target audience? What can you do? Learn SEO and keyword research. Both tools will help you to write and optimize contents easily for your audience.

Furthermore, the quality of your blog glues your audience to your contents. In other words, invest in mobile-friendly blogs that are simple to surf.

Guest and sponsored posts

Do you know that travel-blog owners pay travel bloggers to contribute guest posts on their blogs?

The best thing yet about guest posting is the backlink if affords you to your blog. Put simply, guest posting does not only make you money but also brings you some audience.

Once you have a great deal of audience, you can start accepting other bloggers to publish their contents on your blog for pay. This is called sponsored posts.

Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing

Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing are passive means of income for bloggers generally. Once you set them up, you keep reaping yields. Affiliate marketing, in particular, attracts travel kit companies and tourism service providers to you and your blog.

There's one rule though to all those tips: always remember the focus is on your audience. Consider their interest first and the money will follow.