Where to Buy Jewelry in Paris

Are you looking for the perfect jewelry for you or loved ones in Paris? Paris has a reputation for its gift of love for people across the world. The ideal store to get that jewelry in the beautiful city of Paris is just few blocks away from you. Shopping in Paris always promises excitement as well as best prices. Find below some places where to find jewelry in Paris.

Satellite Paris

The Satellite Paris is one of the jewelry concept store in paris known for its encrusted collections of jewelries and boho-chic aesthetics. The store, founded by a former ethnologist, has been around for 30 years and still counting. Located in the romantic city of Paris, the jewelry store has 6 colorful storefronts all over the city. Just like the numerous stores, you will find many departmental outposts from its flagship such as Le Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and BHV. To get their beautifully crafted pieces with gems, beading and stones, the store is ready to go as low as €45. We believe a visit to any of their jewelry stores will be worthwhile for you, as well as exciting.

Balabooste Paris store

With prices ranging from €10 to €100, the Balabooste store offers funky, stylish and bold earrings. The brand has been around for twenty years and obviously not ready to stop anytime soon. The brand promises customers hoop earrings, enamel bling of different shapes, styles and sixes. Balabooste is more than willing to showcase its inflected statement pieces right from the dark 1990s. A visit to the store will convince you.

Lou. Yetu store

Lou. Yetu has a very high sense of appeal. From trending feminine necklaces to slim stackable rings, there are several options of beautiful pieces for you to pick from. The store has a price range of €40 to €50 for its intricate rings, cuffs, necklaces and earrings.

Nouvel Amour store

Nouvel Amour gives meaning to simplicity and versatility. You can find any customized jewelries at this store for as much as €75. For their rings, earrings and cuffs, it ranges around €65.

Helmut Paris store

Founded by a jewelry designer Camille Vernier in 2013, the Helmut Paris has made such a strong appearance into the jewelry world. The store offers products such as earrings, 2-finger rings, latest cuffs, all within the price range of €100.

There are still many fascinating jewelry stores within the city of Paris. On the Internet, you will find some more jewelry store in Paris with insights and expert opinions on what to lookout for when picking the precious piece.

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